Attic Critters

Have critters in your attic? Consider the following.

Animals defecate and frequently. Urine and feces can carry diseases. Here are a few:


Carried in the urine of white footed mice. Can produce flu-like symptoms and can progress causing serious respiratory problems.


It is a type of lung infection spread by the spores of the Histoplasma capsulatum fungus. It is commonly found in the feces of bats and birds and can cause serious respiratory issues for people with poor immune systems.

Raccoon Round Worm

Found in the small intestines of virtualy every raccoon. The eggs are shed in the raccoon's feces and, if ingested, will hatch in the stomach and untimely migrate through the body often making its way into the brain where it can cause massive neurological damage.

Although the incidents of any of these disease are quite rare, but the possibility dose exist.

Dirty attic with bat guano (feces)

Contaminated Air

The typical home loses about forty percent of its heat through the attic. Like it or not, the air in the envelope of your house and the attic are constantly intermingling. Depending on the barometric pressure outside and the pressure inside, house conditioned air and attic air are constantly moving back and forth. Your family is breathing dirty attic air or conditioned air is leaving through the attic floor.

How We Can Help

We remove old dirty insulation and put a foam skin on the attic floor to seal all cracks and blow in fresh insulation.

Completely vacuumed and sanitized

In addition, we will install baffles between the rafters to allow adequate air flow and apply boric acid and silica gel to prevent insects from ever taking up residence in your attic again.

New blown-in R-49 insulation

Finally, we will perform a blower door test to make certain your house vents air properly. A cleaner environment for your family and energy savings all in one procedure!


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