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  • As soon as a person thinks they have the bed bugs, they need to verify the specimens. Simple flat glue traps are very cheap and effective at catching them as they walk around. They need to be placed around baseboards that are close to where the bites occur. We placed them on baseboards behind dressers and under the bed. This will slow the amount of bites you get in cases where the trouble is first starting and preserve them in a identifiable way for the pest control operators. (even if you have a cat like we do, place it somewhere the cat cannot get to).
  • If you don't have pets, use Diatomaceous earth to slow their spread. It works wonders!
  • Begin a record log of all bugs caught listing time, date, location, alive/dead, and the circumstances found. Even more helpful to tape the bug to record.
  • Buy the bud bug mattress and box spring covers.
  • Do not set off bug bombs.
  • Do not use Freeze-treatment if offered. The propulsion used to freeze the bugs can push them away before they are frozen. Some have even thawed and survived.
  • Do not switch rooms for sleeping and limit your sitting time in any other rooms to reduce spread. Even though we were being bitten to death we stayed in the bed room to keep them concentrated.
  • Buy a steam mop and steam mop your floors weekly (daily if paranoid) to kill eggs.
  • Vacuum hiding areas weekly/daily to pick up eggs. Throw out bag immediately.
  • Use caulk and expanding foam to seal cracks and crevices, particularly base boards and in electrical outlets. Repeat if they keep slipping in from any areas.
  • Remove harboring areas
    • Clothes in drawers need to come out and go in sealed bags or storage boxes. Heat treat them prior to storing them and do not move back, even after treatments until this completely over. As an extra precaution place one of these in the bag/box:
    • Buy one of these to treat things that cannot be placed in dryer, like luggage.:
    • Heat treat clothes daily. When you wake throw those clothes in dryer. Before you sleep throw them in dryer. Before you wear clothes out, heat them in dryer or iron with heat and steam. Same for coming back in. Don't sit from place to place in "contaminated" clothing.
  • Be diligent in efforts. This will be a 6-12 month process and a few slip-ups can set you back months.
  • If coming from a neighbor that is being neglectful file a service request with the Baltimore City Service Request webpage and choose from the dropdown list the option for Housing Inspection - Infestation. Do NOT choose the option for Bed bug complaint, it will go to the incorrect department and not be reviewed.
  • Check your status daily. If it seems like they are not moving to action, call 311 using your service request number to request status updates and action.
  • What this accomplishes is getting the city to inspect properties and recommend the person in question to be treated. If not treated in a specific time frame, the city can begin to level violation citations until action is taken. The city can also use extreme cases of neglect to generate legal action such as subpoena to enter premises or court ordering treatment.
  • Other city sites:
    • Owner/tenant responsibilites as mandated by the city
    • Violation look-up for your neighborhood:
  • Retain a lawyer and have them notify neglectful residents to be treated, ensuring you have enough evidence to prove they are being neglectful in their treatment and that neglect is affecting you, AND that you are doing due diligence yourself to be treated.

Here are some additional notes for your preparation list:

Remove any live ammunition stored in the house before the heat treatment.
Remove any aerosols that can explode (bug sprays, cleaners, air fresheners, acetone, etc.)
Put out pilot lights to prepare for heavy chemical spraying (stove, water heater, etc.)

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