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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Heat treatment is the most effective way to get rid of the bed bugs. It works better and faster than chemical treatments. Read more about bed bugs heat treatment

How much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs?

The cost of treatment depends on many factors. Prices may vary due to distance traveled, amount of clutter in the rooms, difficulty getting equipment to a house, etc.

Below are examples of the prices based on the number of rooms to be treated:

1 bedroom $550
2 bedrooms $700
3 bedrooms $850
Living room, staircase leading to a bedroom, hallway and upstairs bathroom $1200

Bed Bug Treatments - VIDEOS

Check out these new videos and see how the bed bug heat treatments are done.

Bed Bugs Alert! What if your neighbor has bed bugs?

A consistent problem we have is that a customer will call us and upon inspection of their premises we will find scant evidence of bed bugs, but an inspection of their neighbors reveals they are loaded with bed bugs! In Baltimore city, where many live in row houses, this is a big problem. Regardless of what treatment method you use, if your neighbors got them and they do nothing, the problem will return! The residual value of insecticides under these circumstances is extremely limited. Laws regarding what your neighbors are required to do are limited in most jurisdictions. However, some of the customers have had success forcing their neighbors to take action. The methods are as follows:

  1. Pay for a portion or the entire treatment for your neighbor's property.
  2. Report the situation to the housing authority (Baltimore city residents.)
  3. If children are living in the property and have bite marks report them to protective services.
  4. Speak to an attorney. Whitney & Bogris specialize in bed bug litigation. You can reach them at 410-583-8010.
Also, health departments may be able to help in some counties. if pursuing a municipal authority, be persistent! Most local agencies are overwhelmed and under-funded, but the squeaky wheel gets the oil! Good luck!

Important Information for Baltimore City Residents

Read this helpful information if you live in Baltimore city.

Don't waste your money on bed bug products that simply don't work at all. The other day we did a bed bug heat treatment for a couple in Parkville. The husband told me that when he first started seeing bed bugs he went out and purchased $200.00 worth of Fabriclear, a product that supposedly can help control bed bug infestations. He said that he applied Fabriclear 3 times a week for two and a half months as directed by the label. He also purchased and used Hotshot. The problem kept getting worse. After we finished treating his property there had to have been at least 500 dead bed bugs. Literally, everywhere I looked there were dead bead bugs, and in some places piles of dead bed bugs. As I write this, the federal trade commission is lodging deceptive advertising charges against Cedercide and RMB group, distributors of Rest Easy and Cedercide, two products that apparently don't control bed bugs as claimed. Finally, about half of the customers that I get have tried chemical only treatments that failed. Although heat treatments may not be 100 perfect 100 percent of the time they are the best we have. If you absolutely cannot afford heat I understand, but if you can afford it and you choose another route to save money, you are doing yourself a great disservice. In the end you will probably end up with a heat treatment and that $200 or $400 you spent could have been applied to something that actually worked and you could have gotten there a lot sooner.

Low Cost Heat Treatment (Thermal Remediation) for Bedbugs

We offer discount bed bug heat treatment for the greater Baltimore area. Heat treatment is proving to be the most effective and greenest way to kill bed bugs. We have state of the art heat treatments that is reasonably priced. In addition we also use chemicals. Heat treatment is the most thorough since the heat permeates every crack and crevice. It kills all of the bed bugs and all of the eggs. All else are spot treatments that only work if you directly contact the bed bugs which is impossible since you never find them all and you never find all the eggs. The chemicals give you the residual effect which means it keeps working after we're gone. If you need a bed bug exterminator in Baltimore, look no further.

We serve the Greater Baltimore City & Baltimore County area including: Arbutus, Baltimore City, Butler, Catonsville, Cockeysville, Columbia, Eldersburg, Ellicott City, Glen Burnie, Finksburg, Hamilton, Hampstead, Hartford, Hunt Valley, Jarrettsville, Lutherville, Mount Washington, Overlea, Owings Mills, Parkville, Perry Hall, Phoenix, Pikesville, Randallstown, Reisterstown, Rosedale, Ruxton, Sykesville, Towson, Timonium, Westminister, and Woodlawn


In 2010 research done at the university of Kentucky and additional research done at the university of Minnesota showed that temperatures of 122ºF and above killed all life stages of bed bugs. That means eggs die too! We usually achieve temperatures of around 135ºF. At 135ºF we can kill the bed bugs with out destroying electrical devices since internal temperatures of most electrical devises, when in operation, can reach 160ºF.

Are all heat treatments really the same? Basically yes, the only thing that varies is the price.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment (Outside)There are 2 important aspects of thermal remediation - temperature, and circulation. If temperatures of 125ºF or more are reached and the hot air is circulated properly, so that all surfaces are heated evenly, for at least 3 hours or more, you will achieve 100 mortality in one application.

The prices charged are often the result of advertising costs and contractual agreements. Ads that appear at the top left of the search engines are called sponsored ads. They have the best placements and they are the first seen, and can cost an advertiser $500.00 or more a month. Our adds are located at the middle or bottom left hand side of the web page. These are called organic listings and they don't cost anything. Additionally, we do not have a licensing or franchise agreement with anyone, which means we can purchase our equipment directly from the manufacturer. And by being independent and local, we are not required to pay licensing fees or royalties either. Our independent standing and conservative marketing practices allow us to deliver a solid and effective treatment for far less then most of our competitors. Basically, we have cut out the middle man and have passed those savings on to you. Call us for a quote - you will be happy.

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Get the peace of mind to have a great night's sleep. All Pest K9 is a privately owned and independent Canine Bed Bug detection and prevention company.
Specially trained Bed Bug detection Canines certified by the World Detector Dog Organization detect even extremely low levels of Bed Bug infestation and to verify insect presence.

Some Tips for Bedbug Treatment

Although an adult bedbug can go a year without eating, bed bugs usually feed once every 10 days which means they are not out and about much and therefore have limited opportunity to come in contact with treated areas.

A clean home will make treatments more effective, but will not prevent bedbugs. If you travel or have overnight guests, inspect all luggage entering your home. Also put all clothing in suit cases in the dryer at high heat for at least 20 minutes. If you live in a town home you may want to ask neighbors if they are experiencing a problem. Bed bugs are consistently migrating and in older neighborhoods they can easily find their way into adjoining homes.

   Printable Check List to Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment

Steps To Prepare For Bed Bug Treatment

  1. Remove bed sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. and place in a plastic bag and tie shut (not draw string).
  2. Remove any piles of clothing from floors, closets, dressers, and under beds and place in a plastic bag.
  3. Remove any washable shoes and place in a plastic bag.
  4. Place the above items in dryer at high heat for 20 minutes and then place in NEW plastic bags. Return to bedrooms AFTER treatment (items hanging in closets, clothes not stuffed into dressers and leather shoes can stay in room during treatment.)
  5. Remove aerosol cans, carbonated beverages, wines, oxygen tanks or anything else that can explode.
  6. Remove candles, CD's, DVD's, vinyl records, expensive paintings or anything that can melt or be damaged by high heat.
  7. Purchase a mattress encasement at RESIDEX 410-866-6504.
  8. Remove vinyl blinds (they melt from the heat).
  9. Remove any live ammunition stored in the house before the heat treatment.
  10. Remove any aerosols that can explode (bug sprays, cleaners, air fresheners, acetone, etc.)
  11. Put out pilot lights to prepare for heavy chemical spraying (stove, water heater, etc.)
  12. Reserve parking in front of house for our vehicles.

Pasos para preparar la cama de tratamiento de errores

  1. Quite las hojas de cama, mantas, almohadas, etc y póngala en una bolsa de plástico cerrada y corbata (no llamar la cadena).
  2. Retire cualquier montones de ropa de los pisos, armarios, cómodas, y bajo las camas y el lugar en una bolsa de plástico.
  3. Retire cualquier calzado lavable y colocar en una bolsa de plástico.
  4. Coloque los elementos anteriores en la secadora a fuego alto durante 20 minutos y luego en Nueva bolsas de plástico. Volver a las habitaciones de tratamiento DESPUÉS (artículos colgados en los armarios, la ropa no metidos en las cómodas y zapatos de cuero pueden permanecer en la habitación durante el tratamiento.)
  5. Retire las latas de aerosol, las bebidas gaseosas, vinos, botellas de oxígeno o cualquier otra cosa que puede explotar.
  6. Quitar las velas, CD's, DVD's, discos de vinilo, pinturas caro o cualquier cosa que pueda derretirse o dañarse por el calor de alta.
  7. Compre un forro de colchón en RESIDEX 410-866-6504.
  8. Quite las persianas de vinilo (que se derriten con el calor).
  9. Retire cualquier munición almacenada en la casa antes de que el tratamiento térmico.
  10. Retire los aerosoles que pueden explotar (insecticidas, productos de limpieza, ambientadores, acetona ...)
  11. Apaga las luces piloto para preparar pesada fumigaciones químicas (estufa, calentador de agua ...)
  12. Reserva de estacionamiento frente a la casa de nuestros vehículos.

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