Bedbugs in Hotels

We've all heard the saying, "Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite." Well the next time you check into a hotel, BEWARE!

Not only is there a good chance of being exposed to bed bugs in hotel rooms, be aware of your luggage, as well. You can easily pack up bedbugs and bring them home with you! Since most bedbugs are carried by travelers through contact with beds and hotel rooms in infected locations, certain measures taken while traveling help in control of bedbugs: [1]

  1. Examining the room for potential hiding places of bedbugs, such as carpet edges, mattress seams, pillow case linings, bed boards, wall trim or other tiny crevices in which bedbugs could hide.
  2. Looking specifically at the mattress seams for signs of bedbug activity: droppings, eggs, bloodstains or even bedbugs themselves, hiding in tiny folds and seam lines.
  3. Keeping a flashlight nearby while sleeping to immediately observe suspected activity during the night without having to get up out of bed which would otherwise give them time to hide in safety.
  4. Not leaving clothing lying on the bed, or any location of possible infestation (as mentioned above) and instead, using hangers or hooks capable of keeping all cloth distant from the floor or bed. Suspend new shopping in bags the same way.
  5. Closing all luggage (suitcase, travel bag etc.) when not in use. This way, during the night the bugs may move over the top of the bags and have difficulty getting inside.
  6. Elevating luggage off the floor to luggage stand, tables or chairs which can also be hiding places.
References: 1. ^ Med Vet Entomol. 1988 Jul;2(3):297-300."Production of a hybrid between the bedbugs Cimex hemipterus and Cimex lectularius."

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