Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Chemical Treatments Work Poorly on Bed Bugs

In a recent study conducted by the University of Kentucky, "wild" bed bugs collected from New Jersey and Richmond, Virginia were compared to the bed bugs raised in a laboratory. The lab-raised bugs had never been exposed to any pesticides. The study found that the pesticide-exposed bugs produced special enzymes that could break down most of the commonly used chemicals before they were harmed.

In another study recently published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, researchers discovered that wild bed bugs collected from Cincinnati and Michigan who produced these detoxifying enzymes were up to 33,333 times more resistant to a class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids compared to lab-raised bed bugs.

So how are pest control companies coping with this pesticide resistance in bed bugs? It appears they are using a mixture of multiple pesticides applied all at once in larger than typical quantities. The technique is called "tank mixing", and it is becoming more and more popular in the bed bug control industry.

That means your exterminator could be spraying multiple pesticides all at once exposing you, your family members and pets to more and more harmful toxins having less and less effect on these chemical-resistant bed bugs. To add to that, the exterminator would most likely be repeating the same process several times over the course of their treatment contract.

Some of the pest control professionals (and we do know them personally) are getting so desperate, they are starting to use chemicals that not registered or approved for bed bugs treatments in homes.

Although pesticide may play a role in fighting bed bugs (for example, treating spaces behind walls), many in the scientific community believe that relying entirely on pesticides in fighting bed bug infestation is just not going to work.

So why prolong the suffering? Get rid of bed bugs the fastest and the most effective way.

Treating "Hidden" Spaces

Heat is great and it does the job. However, to achieve long lasting results, it is important to treat areas where occasional bed bugs can escape heat - wall voids, spaces between floor and ceiling, spaces between walls. We combine the best chemical available on the market and heat to give you the best possible resolution.

We are a small business that can deliver "big heat" treatment

Most companies that provide heat treatments for bed bugs are large corporations with large overhead and we believe we can offer better pricing. The wait time for their service will also be longer compare to what we can offer.

Owner is Personally Involved

We are locally owned and operated business. The owner - Marc Cohen grew up in Baltimore County and graduated from the University of Maryland. Marc is personally involved with each bed bug treatment to ensure it is performed properly and delivers the best possible outcome complete elimination of the bed bugs. It may seem like all you need to do is heat up the room, but in reality the process is much more complicated and can only be effective when done by a professional with years of experience. Marc has over 6 years of exterminating bed bugs exclusively with heat treatments. He performed thousands of jobs and he stands behind each one of them.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment (Outside)

Not All Heaters are Created Equal

We use electric and indirect-fire heaters that can deliver up to a million of BTUs per hour. Most of our competitors use propane, direct-fire heaters that will produce large amounts of carbon monoxide (combustion byproduct). The heaters we use are designed specifically for indoor heat and will not fill your home with carbon monoxide.

Bed Bug Treatment Videos

Check out these videos and see how the bed bug heat treatments are done.


Heat treatment is the best treatment available for the bed bugs today. It is far more superior to any chemical treatment available. It delivers the best results. We stand by our work and in the unlikely event a bed bug or two are left behind, we will come back and retreat. Call us for more details on re-treating.


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