Termite Treatment and Repair

It is that time of year again - termite season.

With rising heat and humidity termites are now moving closer to surface and they are preparing to swarm. Once a year, under perfect climate conditions, a mature colony will produce winged reproductives whose job is to mate and then fly off and create a new colony somewhere else. Whether you get a termite treatment or not, the swarmers will disappear, but that dose not mean they are gone. The swarmers make up only a small part of the termite colony and the swarming event is short. Most of the termite colony is made up of workers. Those are the guys that do the damage. They are busy all year round and they can number in the tens of thousands.

Because termites easily dehydrate under most environmental conditions and because they are a subterranean organism, you seldom see them. A termite colony can be busy in your home for years before you see the tell-tale signs, like mud tubes, damaged wood or swarmers. If you think you have termites call us and we will give you an honest evaluation.

We are a small local owner operator business and the owner is involved with every job.

Videos - Termite Inspection and Treatment Process

Our Approach to Termite Treatment

Termites live under the ground and are used to being surrounded by moisture. Once they emerge from under the ground, they dehydrateydrate quickly and easily. They create mud tubes (which we often see during inspections of termite infested houses) to preserve moisture while traveling up basement walls. They are vulnerable for desiccation.

There is a 5 step process we follow when dealing with termites.

  1. Inspection. Checking for presense of mud tubing, looking for the tubes snaking away up the wall, from the cement slab into the floor joists.
  2. Treatment. Drilling into the cement slab. Making holes every 12-20 inches.
  3. Treatment. Application of liquid Termidor chemical. The liquid is placed inside the drilled holes.
  4. Treatment. Injection of dry Termidor powder into affected wood.
  5. Repairing the Damage. Replaced damaged wood - steps, floor joists, studs.


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