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We are happy to announce we are now serving Columbia, Ellicott City, and surrounding areas of Howard County, Maryland. If you are along I-70, give us a call.

Life is better when you have choices. Pest control is better when you have choices. Pest control is best when you choose us!

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Welcome to At Once Wildlife and Pest. We have been servicing our Maryland customers for over 20 years! Our specialists are expert beg bug control professionals - our approach to bed bug control is well-known heat treatment - no chemical approaches to bed bug eradication. In addition, we offer low chemical and fungus spore treatments for bed bugs. What makes us different from many of our competitors is our high-tech, scientific approach to pest control. We treat each house or apartment as an independent eco system. We specialize in comprehensive pest control and exclusion.

We are not someone offering you a treatment we cannot provide or a solution we cannot deliver. We don't make empty promises or give you false hopes. We can do the job and are more objective and honest then other people in this industry.

Our mission is not only to remove an acute pest problem, but to prevent any future problems by exclusion, sealing cracks and crevices. We will protect your home so you can feel safe.

Seasonal Pest Control in Baltimore

The weather is getting warmer, so you may notice swarming termites carpenter ants and carpenter bees around your house. Here at At Once we do nuisance wildlife, so we are on ladders all day long. And since we do repairs on people’s houses, we are your best choice on carpenter bees or other summer pests that hide in hard to reach places.

In addition to seasonal pest threats, the usual year-around suspects are here - mice, cockroaches and bed bugs. But do not worry - as always, we are here to help. We are servicing Baltimore County, Howard County, and surrounding areas. Give us a call today!

Pest control in Baltimore

Pest Control Starts with Finding Out How They Got in in the First Place

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We use special diagnostic equipment to determine air leakage in your home that can provide entry points for pests. We seal entry points for pests like mice, rats, squirrels, bats or snakes and keep them from entering your home. The image shows blower door - test door to help determine a home's airtightness. This special door detects air leaks in your home.

Another great tool in detecting air leakage within a building is thermal imaging camera. Infrared imaging is especially useful when looking for insulation defects, because it allows us to actually view the apparent temperatures in a given area not seen by a naked eye.

Missing or inadequate insulation, damaged siding, rotted wood around the exterior of the roof, unscreened attic vents are some of the examples of potential entry points for both small animals and insects. Protect your home - give us a call today.

Have critters in your attic? Consider the following.

Animals defecate and frequently. Urine and feces can carry diseases. Here are a few:


Carried in the urine of white footed mice. Can produce flu-like symptoms and can progress causing serious respiratory problems.


It is a type of lung infection spread by the spores of the Histoplasma capsulatum fungus. It is commonly found in the feces of bats and birds and can cause serious respiratory issues for people with poor immune systems.

We are not only your trusted exterminator. We are experts in anything that concerns your home and know how to keep it healthy - beyond routine pest control.

How much does it cost to professionally remove bed bugs?

For a heat treatment bed bug removal, expect to pay anywhere from $600 and up, but killing bed bugs with spores is substantially less expensive. While heat treatments are the most organic and effective, we do now offer more choices. Different types of treatment can be combined.

We could heat-treat your worst bed bugs infested bedrooms, and then use fungal spores on the rest of your house. This will cost a lot less than heat treating the entire house.

See bed bug heat treatment price details.