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Reisterstown is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Baltimore County, Maryland, United States. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 25,968. Wikipedia Area: 5,174 sq miles

John Reister, a German immigrant to America, purchased a 20-acre tract of land, which he called "Reister's Desire", along the Conewago Road on March 2, 1758. He built a tavern on Conewago Road, providing food, drink and lodging for the area travelers. More businesses soon followed, creating Reister's Town, and eventually simply Reisterstown. Conewago Road was later renamed to Reisterstown Road.

"Bed Bug Bitten" in Reisterstown - By Mark Cohen

I had a customer in Reisterstown not that long ago. She called me in panic saying she's covered in welt-like bites. I asked her to send me a photo of the bites, and sure enough they looked like bed bug bites - red, covering her arms and shoulders in the clusters of 3, forming straight lines. She said her husband travels a lot and when he does he always stays at different hotels in 2 or 3 different cities. She indicated that initial bites appeared about a week ago and the new ones about 3 days ago, which also sounded like a typical 2.5 days between bed bug feedings timeline.

I came over to do an inspection and found nothing in the mattress or bedroom, apart from some carpet beetle larvae. Despite not finding the actual evidence, many people want to proceed with treatment because it gives them a piece of mind. Knowing how well bed bugs can hide, this was clearly the case where we had to treat just to give my customer both mental and physical relief from inching and scratching herself.

While I was inspecting the house, I also asked to look at the couch and computer chair where the "bitten victim" spends a lot of her time. It's not completely uncommon for the bed bugs to hide there and not in the bedroom.

Customer's husband mentioned that he last traveled about a month ago and doesn't have any bites on him. In fact, never did. That also seemed typical because he had darker skin tone and she was very fair skinned - typically much more sensitive to any skin or under skin irritant.

I told them about both heat and spores treatment, went over preparation for the treatment and planned do go back and treat once they were ready with preparations - in a week.

A day before the treatment she called saying she has no new bites and wants to hold off on having extermination treatment. A month later she called saying she found the source of those horrible bite-like bumps on her skin - it was sever allergic reaction to some fancy white chocolate truffles that she received as a gift for Christmas!

Low Cost Heat Treatment (Thermal Remediation) or Spores Treatment for Bedbugs in Reisterstown, MD

Why Heat Treatment?

What makes our approach to bed bug control different? We use Heat Treatment. Chemicals, powders, freezing, etc. only work if the bed bugs are directly contacted. That's why most other methods fail. It is virtually impossible to find every single bed bug, not to mention - every single egg. Most chemicals won't kill eggs even if they are contacted. Back before I used heat treatment it would take me up to 3 retreats to get rid of all the bed bugs and these treatments would be spaced out over a month or more.

That's up to a month and a half before my customers could get relief. Even with my steam heater I was not getting a lot of success. The steam could only kill the eggs I could find them and many times the pressure from the steamer would send the bed bugs flying to the other side of the room where they would just walk away.

That's why I am now offering heat treatment. I was getting sick and tired of spending 4 and 5 hours doing chemical treatments only to get a call back from an angry customer. Heat treatment works because the heat penetrates everywhere. Chemicals, powders, freezing, etc. only work when you actually contact the bed bugs and most do NOTHING about the eggs.

It is impossible to find every egg and every bed bug, which is why all other treatment types fail miserably and why it takes so many retreats to even begin to get control. At 125°F all stages of bed bugs and their eggs die in under a minute. I usually achieve 100% eradication in the first heat treatment. Don't take it from me. Just Google bed bug heat treatment and see for yourself. More information on Bed Bug Control.

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